At Inspire Studios, we create handcrafted marketing deliverables designed to propel your company toward success – and beyond.

Tell incredible stories, simplify your message, and connect with your audience in ways you never thought possible. Our team has the experience and expertise to turn simple messages into powerful campaigns that help you accomplish your business goals.

Our nimble, experienced team is fully equipped to create a CUSTOM Explainer video to suit your specific business needs.

Can we put a mermaid with a shaved head in the drivers seat of a semi? Yep.

A minotaur on a unicycle? Easy as pie. 

DB Gallery – 2D Explainer animation

Amplify Life – 2D Explainer Line Animation

Hoffman Mini Lifts – Whiteboard Animation

Blazin LED Collar – 2D Explainer Video

So, what else sets us apart from our competition?

We are Pros!

We have over 10 years of experience and we know exactly how to tell stories that build up intense buying desire in your viewers and make them take action. Our ARTWORK is unmatched.

We are Affordable

Due to our polished production processes, we’re able to provide you with high-quality videos while keeping their costs down.

We Cover You

We take care of everything for you – from writing your script to creating your animation and adding the finishing sound effects – we’ve got you covered.

We are Original

Our proprietary animation style ensures we can visualize absolutely anything you need – even a monkey eating a cake on Mars… upside down - without infringing on any copyrights.

We are Fast!

We work fast and we guarantee your project will be delivered by the deadline without delays or unexpected mishaps.

We have artists who have worked with the biggest animation studios in the world.

Frequently Asked questions

Included on every order – Custom Whiteboard Animation – Studio Voiceover – Hand-Drawn Storyboard – Custom/ hand-drawn illustrations – Background Music.

Yes, since all artworks are draw or illustrated, we can work with any storyboard or ideas the client provides

Yes. All our illustrations are hand-drawn from scratch for every single project.

Yes, I can also make videos in Spanish, German and French. I have professional translators and Voiceover artists to make this possible.

Clients who have difficult or complicated messages that need to be simplified are our dream projects. We feel that some communications can only be effective through video and we are the ones to handle those tough situations.

If you have a business or product that you are excited to share with the world, you are our perfect client. We love to take on challenges and we work with anyone, under any timeline and with any type of product or service. Each client presents a different objective and each leaves excited

Some clients have a very firm idea about how they want to tell their story, and possess the copywriting skills to create a high quality script on their own. Others trust us to craft a succinct, engaging script with their input, of course. We can work with you, regardless of which camp you fall into

If you are commissioning a number of videos, you may be eligible for a volume discount. Contact us and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Great. Just order or contact me and I will send you a custom quote

Our CUSTOMER SERVICE is the best in class. We go above and beyond to check in along the way and make you leave happy.

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Animated Explainer Video
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