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Freshbydotun Zeeworld Commercial

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Step into the world of luxury and style with our TV commercial for the global menswear brand, Freshbydotun, broadcasted on Zeeworld. This project was a visual journey through London’s most exclusive locations, showcasing the brand as not just fashion, but a lifestyle.

The concept was brought to life by featuring the creative director and his friend, living their everyday lives adorned in Freshbydotun’s signature pieces. From the groom in a traditional Agbada to the casual elegance of luxury Kimonos, each scene was a testament to the brand’s versatility and sophistication.

Shot against the backdrop of London’s luxurious locales, the video encapsulates the essence of a top-class lifestyle. The narrative seamlessly integrates the brand into various lifestyle settings, reinforcing Freshbydotun as a symbol of luxury and style.

This commercial is a testament to our expertise in TV broadcast videography, brand storytelling, and lifestyle videography. At Inspire Studios, we create engaging visual narratives that resonate with the target audience and highlight the unique selling points of the brands we work with. Let us help you tell your story

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