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Amplify Insurance 2D animated Video

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Join Tom on his journey to protect his family’s future with our 2D animated video for Amplify Insurance. This project was designed to simplify the complex world of life insurance, making it accessible and easy to understand for customers like Tom.

The concept was brought to life through a series of custom animations, each one meticulously designed to visually represent the differences between term and universal life insurance. Using simple line art and Amplify Insurance’s brand guidelines, we created a clear and engaging narrative that resonated with the target audience.

Working closely with Amplify Insurance, we ensured that each aspect of the video accurately represented their services and processes. The result was an engaging and informative video that made complex insurance concepts understandable and accessible.

This project is a testament to our expertise in 2D animation, brand storytelling, and explainer videos. At Inspire Studios, we create engaging visual narratives that resonate with the target audience and highlight the unique selling points of the brands we work with. Let us help you tell your story.

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